Doubting Tomas

Doubting Tomas is an American hard rock band formed in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2012 by guitarist, lead singer and songwriter Billy Brewster.  The band’s current lineup consists of lead guitarist, Billy Brewster; lead vocalist, Alex VanTrue; bassist, Sergio Unzueta; and drummer,Jeff Rose.   Members of the international band hail from Portugal, the US, the UK and Germany.

Doubting Tomas released a series of albums over the past decade that explored their musical roots and influences. The albums featuring Brewster on lead vocals include 2012’s Roots, 2013’s Relics and 2019’s Rebel.  The band released a female lead vocalist album with 2020’s Shattered, which featured the superstar Amanda Power on lead vocals for eight of the nine tracks with Brewster returning on vocals to sing the title track “Shattered.”  

The band has released a number of singles over the past three years including the Eddie Kramer produced, 2013 hit “Stop Bitching Around,” which has gained positive reviews across the world including a glowing review from legendary songwriter Desmond Child.  Recently releasedsingles are 2023’s “Silly Little Girl” and “60s Mustang.”
The band will release a new album in March 2024 titled Ruins which features eight songs with Alex VanTrue as lead singer and two with Brewster taking the reins.  Sergio and Jeff return on bass and drums respectively.

The band lists influences such as AC/DC, Journey, Foreigner, Black Sabbath and other hard rock icons of the 1980s and 90s.  The band focuses on solid guitar riffs provided by Brewster and melodic vocal lines and harmonies by VanTrue.  At the foundation are the rock-solid rhythm section of Rose’s pounding drums and Unzueta’s memorable bass lines.