During the middle days of eight grade, Billy Brewster met and befriended Eric Oppenheimer and Scott Wally at his new school in Northern Virginia.  The three quickly decided it was time to form a right proper band and assigned the various position each would play.  Eric was already an accomplished soloist and hard rock guitarist, while Billy and Scott, while both musically talented, had not yet purchased their first rock instruments.  It was decided that Billy would pick up the vocal and rhythm guitar duties while Scott would pick up a bass guitar.  A drummer was found and the four piece hard rock band was in play.  Billy’s first guitar ended up being an off-brand Les Paul hand me down from Mountain’s Leslie West. This Les Paul, though eventually destroyed in a fit of rage, would become a staple and favorite style of Billy’s throughout his rock career.

A common feature of Wrath was its volume.  This band was meant to play load and boy did it.  At numerous shows in the mid-80s, the audience was observed taking numerous steps back as Wrath took the stage following a more moderate pop warm up act.  As the band’s popularity grew in Northern Virginia, so did its gear, adding more drums and amps to enhance the image of the loudest band in the area.

As the years progressed and the performances increased, the band transitioned to a five piece act, adding 2nd Rhythm Guitarist Tony Burlbaugh and a permanent drummer Tony Orlando.   This formation lasted for a number of years and created some notable songs such as The Call of Bosephus, co-written by Eric Oppenheimer, Scott Wally, and Billy Brewster.