Doubting Tomas, 2013

In late 2012/early 2013 a new name, Doubting Tomas, revealed itself during a long hospital stay with his son, Matthew.  The lead singer/vocalist struggled with great doubts much like the original scientist did during the first millennia.  Fortunately for both, their doubts proved to be unfounded and their faith proved to be stronger than either expected.

Representing the culmination of 35 years of hard work, practice, preparation and faith, Doubting Tomas is now ready to be introduced to the public.  On October 31, 2013, the first EP, Relics, consisting of four songs, will be released on all music sites and its website, DoubtingTomas.com. The songs in this first release represent each of the iterations of the band and will be joined by a second EP in late 2014.

In the Beginning There Was Sound and it Was Loud, Pre-1980

Founded in the shadow of the Iron Curtain, in Nuremberg Germany in 1980, Doubting Tomas has undergone a number of name and personnel changes on its journey through time.  The one consistent throughout time has been its Hard Rock foundation, according to lead guitarist...

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High Voltage (The Air Band Years), 1980 – 1983

Originally conceived of as an Air Band called High Voltage by Billy Brewster and Johnny Anderson, the two went to immediate work improving their rock star moves and stamina as they searched for ways to buy those elusive first instruments.  All along Billy Brewster,...

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Wrath (The Garage Band Years), 1983 – 1987

During the middle days of eight grade, Billy Brewster met and befriended Eric Oppenheimer and Scott Wally at his new school in Northern Virginia.  The three quickly decided it was time to form a right proper band and assigned the various position each would play. ...

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The First Void, Short Period 1987

The First Void, Short Period 1987 The band was primed and ready to transition from Garage Band to Touring Band, when friction between the founding members started to unwind the delicate fabric of the band.  Many bands have gone through this, most notably the Beetles,...

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Wrath Child (The Jam Band Years), 1987 – 1991

Wrath Child (The Jam Band Years), 1987 - 1991 The band switched gears and moved to smaller performances while focusing on song writing and heavy drinking.  Now a three piece group comprised of Billy Brewster, Rik Budd and Mike Carney, the band continued the tradition...

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The Second Void, Long Period, 1991-2010

The Second Void, Long Period, 1991-2010 Sadly, Rik Budd's life came to an early end during this period.  He is greatly missed and his musical inspiration continues to fuel the bands reincarnation.  Mike Carney moved on to a professional career in accounting while Bill...

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